Discovery Mobile LF


Operating Frequency 125 ∼ 135 KHz
Reading Distance Up To 15 Cm
Battery 2000 MAh
Connection GSM/GPRS
Dimensions 96 X 80 X 32 Mm
Internal Memory Up To 2000 Tag Storable

Discovery Mobile LF is a wearable RFID reader designed to manage waste collection by reading RFID tags placed on bags or bins. 

The device efficiently records waste disposal operations for each user, transmitting the information to the Cloud in real time. In addition, thanks to the implementation of the GPS module, the system also records position-related readings.
The Cloud platform allows:

  • to integrate with web-based software via the JSON protocol
  • to download data from the Cloud in ‘csv file’ format;
  • to check the battery status of the device.


With its remarkable ease of use, Discovery Mobile LF is particularly suitable for PAYT door-to-door waste collection and picking operations.