Discovery Desktop


FrequencyEurope: 865.7 ÷ 867.5 USA 902.75 ÷ 927.25 (Frequencies Can Be Configured Via Software)
Standard ProtocolISO 18000 – 6 A/B/C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
RF Power100mW
Reading DistanceUp To 50 Cm
ConnectivityUSB Serial Emulation Port
Dimensions114 X 74 X 25 Mm
Power SupplyUSB

The Discovery Desktop low-power UHF RFID reader connects via USB and is is designed to identify UHF RFID tags within a 50 cm range.
Characterised by its compact dimensions – 114 x 74 x 25 mm -, it is designed to perform all RFID read and write operations by sending commands or via keyboard emulation.
This device is adaptable to European and American frequencies, with the possibility of configuration through the use of dedicated software. The power of the Discovery Desktop is adjustable, allowing the TID to be read and the EPC and tag memory to be written/read.


The Discovery Desktop RFID reader is particularly suitable for desktop and tablet applications, including devices based on operating systems such as Android and iOS. It is ideal in Retail, warehouse logistics management and production management due to its easy use and speed of operations.