Discovery KE


Frequency Europe: 865.7 ÷ 867.5 USA 902.75 ÷ 927.25
Standard Protocol ISO 18000 – 6 A/B/C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
RF Power 100mW
Reading Distance Up To 50 Cm
Dimensions 180 X 86 X 45 Mm
Power Supply USB
Communication USB Serial Emulation Port
Weight 164 G

The low-power UHF RFID reader Discovery KE is designed to detect UHF RFID tags, with an operating distance of up to 50 cm. 

Ergonomic and user-friendly, it is designed for all RFID reading tasks and requires no additional driver installation. Furthermore, it is activated by simply plugging it into the desktop USB port and is configured to read the user memory, both TID and EPC.


The Discovery KE desktop RFID reader, known for its quick and easy operation, is particularly suitable for desktop and portable tablet applications. 
Compatible with operating systems such as Android and iOS, it finds application in various sectors, including Retail, Logistics and production management.