Frequency Europe: 865.7 ÷ 867.5 USA 902.75 ÷ 927.25
Standard Protocol ISO 18000 – 6 A/B/C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
RF Power 2W
Reading Distance Up To 8 M
Connectivity RS232, RS485
Dimensions 230 X 230 X 50 mm
Power Supply 12÷24V
Other Features IP67 And Resistance To Vibrations

The BlackIP vehicular RFID reader is a high-sensitivity stand-alone device, designed to simplify automatic tracking operations in outdoor and challenging environments, thanks to its IP67 protection ratingIts resistance to impact and vibration makes it particularly suitable for extreme conditions.
Measuring 230 x 230 x 50 mm, the BlackIP reader is equipped with a highly sensitive RFID antenna that enables the reading and writing of passive UHF tags up to a distance of 8 metres
A universal socket facilitates installation in various vehicles, while RS232 and RS485 connectivity options offer flexibility. In addition, the user interface features a buzzer for a better user experience.


The BlackIP vehicular RFID reader’s easy installation makes it ideal for vehicle and work vehicle applications. Particularly in Waste Management during door-to-door collection operations, in Logistics for positioning and tracking pallets or in delivery vehicles, and in bulldozers to monitor workplace safety.