RFID readers by Sensor ID stem from Made in Italy technical expertise, and all parts are developed in-house: hardware, firmware, software and cloud components. This allows us to customise the performance of RFID readers according to customer requirements while maintaining high quality standards.

The special feature of RFID readers by Sensor ID is their highly sensitive RFID reader, which ensures excellent reading performance at considerable distances which can be configured. They can be adapted to meet various needs, which is why they are divided into four major groups: fixed, vehicular, wearable and desktop.

2023_SensorId_LettoriRfid_fissi_Discovery gate basic


Fixed RFID readers are all available in UHF, and are designed for automatic identification both indoors and outdoors. They can be easily integrated into software, and the reading distance can be configured. They are also available with an on-board Linux processor, which simplifies connection with cloud platforms.

2023_Sensor ID_Lettori RFID veicolari_Black IP


Vehicular RFID readers, all of which operate in UHF, have high resistance to impact and vibrations, and are suitable for moving vehicles. With their IP67 protection rating, they are ideal for extreme environments. 

2023_Sensor ID_Lettori RFID indossabili_Discovery Mobile 30


Wearable RFID readers are wearables designed in partnership with universities for both indoor and outdoor picking operations.
With their specific features, these devices are ergonomic, easy to use and designed with a focus on workers’ health. They are part of Industry 5.0 processes. They can be easily integrated into third-party cloud systems. In particular, data collected by UHF RFID wearables can be certified via blockchain, mainly with the IOTA platform.



Desktop RFID readers are available in UHF and HF, depending on the model. They are designed to detect RFID tags up to a maximum distance of 50 cm, and can be activated by simply connecting them to a PC via the USB port.