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Discovery Gate

Stand-alone high power gate for reading of UHF RFID tags up to 8m
Discovery Gate UHF is a stand-alone high power solution that allows reading and writing of passive UHF tags up to a distance of 8m. Discovery Gate UHF is fast and easy to install, ideal for hand-free access control applications, vehicular control and industrial applications.

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  • Maximum size: 305x305x70mm
  • Europe 865.7 ÷ 867.5 Mhz
  • USA 902.75 ÷ 927.25 Mhz
  • Ethernet 10/100, WiFi IEEE82.11b/g, RS232, RS485, MAGSTRIPE, WIEGAND
  • Mother board: CPU ARM1176JZF-S, 512MB RAM, On-board 4GB eMMC Flash Memory
  • Operative system: Linux
  • Reading distance: up to 8m
  • RF power: 2W (33dBm) EIRP [Attenuation configurable by software]
  • Sensitivity: -90dB
  • Standard compliant: ISO 18000 – 6 A/B/C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2, Philips UCODE
  • Antenna: integrated circular polarized antenna with 8dBi Gain 60° Beam Width
  • Protection: IP65
  • Certification: CE according to ETSI EN 302 208

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