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Discovery Desktop

The solution for desktop applications to read and write UHF RFID tags.
The Discovery Desktop UHF is a low power reader for desktop applications to read and write UHF RFID tags up to a distance of 50 cm.

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  • Size: 114 x 74 x 25 mm
  • Europe 865.7 ÷ 867.5
  • USA 902.75 ÷ 927.25
  • The frequencies are software settable.
  • Power: USB Powered Device
  • Connection: USB Virtual COM Port or HID Keyboard Emulation
  • RF Power: 100mW (20dBm) [0dBm ÷ -19dBm attenuation software settable]
  • Standard Compliance: ISO 18000 – 6 A/B/C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2, Philips UCODE
  • Antenna: Integrated Linear Polarized Antenna
  • Driver: Driver: Virtual COM Port Driver for Windows and Linux For Keyboard emulation version no SW and driver is needed
  • Certification: CE according to ETSI EN 302 208

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