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is a company founded by a team of young engineers, that polarizes its own activity into designing and production of RFID devices.

Thanks to the experience gained with CUBIT Wireless Innovation Lab, inside Polo Tecnologico of Navacchio, SENSOR ID has developed a strong know-how in the world of designing of electronic systems based on radio frequency technologies, such as RFID, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.

SENSOR ID is able to realize products in the world of proximity wireless technologies developing the entire production process, from designing of prototype to the final product all Made in Italy.

Productive Assets

Dima Atoz PP 050

Dima pp 050

Dima Breeze

Dima pp 050

Dima Sp 500

Dima Sp 500

SMD Production Line

SENSOR ID has an SMD production line, that enables the industrialization of own developed products and the realization of prototypes and products developed by customers or partners.


Offers Modular and Customizable

SENSOR ID offers modular and easy customizable, regarding customers requirements, solutions and ad-hoc products utilized in specific scenarios.


Ideal Partner

SENSOR ID is an ideal partner of companies that operates in the field of electronic ticketing and payment, infomobility, logistic, access control, and industrial automation.

Some Partners